Landing Page Tips

Hey there! It’s Brian here, and today I just wanted to give
you some quick tips on how you can really increase the
conversions on your landing pages. There are a few simple
things you can do, and when you do them right, you can double,
and even triple your conversions!

So let’s jump right into it!

The first one is having a free offer. NowI know this seems basic
and common sense, and most people are actually doing this
nowadays, but that actually makes it even more important for you
to differentiate yourself by offeringas crazy, as huge, as
HUMONGOUS a free offer as you can to your customers, to give
them the most value. So I’m just going to switch here, and give
you some examples. See this example here is from John Kenzey. You
can see when you opt in here on his squeezepage, you are getting
a book and a DVD! That’s pretty cool! Here you can get Eben
Pagan’s DVD and on this other site, you can see he’s told you
guys: “Get free access to today, and watch the best videos of
guru marketer Eben Pagen!” So you really have to make your free
offer sound prettyamazing.

Number two:

Have a picture of what they would get. Having a picture of what
they would get just makes it a little bit more convincing.So I
just want to give you guys some examples.

Here we have Leslie Hamilton, he’s got a picture of his free 19
page report that he is giving away. Eben Pagen has got a picture
of his DVD. John Kenzey has a picture of his DVDs. Here we have
blog mechanics with a free report. This really helps to convince
the visitors just a little bit more that what you are giving is

Number three is:

Have arrows pointing to the opt-in box. Why this is important is
because, often times on a website, there are lots of things
happening, lots of text, lots of pictures, and the visitors can
get distracted. They don’t know where to go next, they don’t
know where to click. So that’s why it is very important to have
arrows, or some flashing icons, or something to make the opt-in
box stand out. So you can see here there is a circle around the
button, but it’s not so obvious. I have some arrows pointing to
the opt-in box on my squeezepage. Here we go, we can have a
look at my site. This site may look familiar to you, as I have
arrows pointing at the opt-in box. So that can really, really
help your conversions.

Number four:

Have a really strong headline. A strong headline can make all
the difference when it comes to conversions. We’ve heard stories
of how just changing one word or just changing one letter can
make 10%, 20%, 30% difference in conversions. So the key is to
really get a headline that really pulls your listener in and
that is really attractive. Always test your headlines, and
slowly, slowly you will find the ones that work. But just to
give you guys some examples of other ones, we have here:
“Learn the number one secret about cool tablet computers!”
That’s okay, it’s a pretty good headline.This one is pretty
good: “How to earn US $5000 per month from your blog working
as little as two hours per day!” That sounds pretty impressive.
If I saw a headline like that,I would probably be interested
in watching his video, or opting in and seeing what he is
talking about. So having a really strong headline is key!

Solving a problem incorporated into your headline can be
deadly 🙂

Finally the last one:

Having video! Having video in your opt-in pages does two things:

One, in addition to text on the screen telling them to “click
here”, “fill in your name”, “put your name and email in the form
to the right”; in addition to that text, now in the video, you
are able to tell them verbally to do that. Often in my videos
you will hear me say: “Go ahead and put your name and email
address in the box below and click the download button”. And
that just helps prompt the visitor to put his name and email
address and to opt in to your list.

And the second thing the video does, which is also very important,
is that it builds credibility. It shows that behind this website,
there is a real person who actually made this website, and it is
not just some guy who is trying to scam you. So that’s why even
though I don’t have a video on my squeezepage, I have my picture
there, so that you know who I am, and that you can see I am not a
robot. Eben Pagen has got his picture. This is all just to have
that human connection and to show that there is someone behind
the website.

Well that’s basically it for increasing conversionson your landing
pages. So go ahead, go out, try some of these techniques and just
watch how it increases your conversions.

Tight Lines!





What does it take to go viral?

What does it take to go viral? That’s the million dollar question.

If you’ve got a product or service howdo you get people talking
about it and sharing it with friends?

At an offsite we had recently i thought Joe Green framed it
pretty well.

For those who don’t know Joe he’s the founder of Causes and
coincidentally Mark Zuckerberg’s college roommate.

When he was asked how to make something go viral he equated to
how the flu spreads.

It is the product of frequency, proximity,potency, and
incubation. You can measure by estimating how how often someone
sneezes, the number of people who are showered with germs, the
probability of those people becoming infected, and finally how
long it takes for them to start infecting others.

It’s kinda gross but they don’t call it viral for nothing.

Well the same concept in the abstract to talk about how content
spreads. It’s about who’s talking about it, how many people
they’ve shared it with, how potent is the message, and how long
after someone shares the content is it ultimately viewed. Each
one of these variables can be measured and tuned.

Here’s the basic formula which i can describe in a little bit
more detail on the blog. You’ll see that when i increase the
number of followers, and the click-through rate, the number
of video views grow but it’s not until i get to a viral
coefficient of greater than one that it really starts to
take off.

In this example a single tweet leads to eight thousand views in
just five days.

Pretty amazing.

The key to being a great marketer is figuring out how to optimize
each of these variables which will dramatically increase the odds
of your video getting traction..

So that’s how content goes viral. Let’stake a look at how the same
concept applies to products.

It is the number of invites and notification sent, the number of
people they touch, the friction to sign up, and how long it takes
for them to start inviting others.

This is the basic formula Facebook has used to grow to nearly one
billion users.

There many many examples of companies who have figured out the
viral loop, each providing a great case study which we can learn

Thanks for your time!

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One Of The Easiest Ways Of Creating Fresh New And Powerful Content For Your Blog

I’m just going to explain to you how you can create content for your
blog, or your website really, really quickly.

A few weeks ago I got an email from a friend asking me for an email
interview. If you don’t know what this is, this person asked me to
answer a bunch of email questions with email. He wanted me to reply
back with some text.

I enjoy writing but I enjoy speaking and being in front of a camera
more. I find that it is easier for me to create content using a camera
and talking to you “face to face”.

I figured, what the heck, I’m not going to write anything back, I’m
going to create a video about it and turn it into an interview. So,
acting like it is an interview so it looks like the person is actually
interviewing me live but in fact it was just me sitting there in front
of the camera!

I want to show you the set up I have for that so you can do it too because
I think it is a really easy way of creating blog content really fast and
getting some really good content out there at the same time.

Here’s what I did…

I had the questions from my friend on my laptop just in front of me. I was
sitting on the chair in front of my laptop so I could seethe questions on
my screen all the time. Then I had a light at about a 45 degree angle to
my face. I had the camera just in front of the light at the same height as
my face waswhen I was sitting down.

This is the approximate positions I used for the light and the camera. If
you are sitting in a well lit room you probably don’t needan extra light,
depending on how good your camera is. I decided to use one of these fancy
lights to make it look a little bit better and I was recording at night
so I actually needed the light.

The other thing I did was, instead of lookingat the camera while I was
recording (because then it is obvious that no one is interviewing you) I
looked at another place directly in front of me. I looked 45 degrees to
the directiont he camera was pointing in – another place in the kitchen,
the fridge, while I was talkingand acting like I was speaking to the
person interviewing me. On the camera it looked like there was someone
else sitting directly in front of me, interviewing me. But I was in fact
sitting there looking at my fridge!

Something I did that helped a lot was to puta picture of someone that I
could focus on in front of me so that it looked like I was speaking to
someone else. You could do something similar. That’s a really cool tip,
you could put a picture of someone’s face there so that it brings your
interview to life and it makes it come across a lot more real. You’ll
see in the interview that I had in the other video with Louis how that
comes across…

I start off that video with an introduction using a splash screen with
some text and then I get straight into the first question. So instead
of Louis asking me the questions live I have the questions as text.
Everyone else assumes the other person, in this case Louis, is sitting
opposite me asking me the questions and I’m just answering. But, in
fact it’s just me looking at the screen at the questions.

I wanted to share this technique with you as a really cool and easy way
of creating content for your blog. You don’t need someoneelse to ask you
these questions. You can come up with a bunch of questions yourself.

If you are going to be putting your video on YouTube, keep it brief.
Probably just three or four questions. Try to keep your video between
three to five minutes. That way, your videos are the most powerful and
most likely to go viral. The interview I did was a bit longer but I had
to answer those questions but you don’t have to. You can do less
questions about a certain topic of your niche. Maybe the top five
questions that you get asked in your niche. Or, whatever it is your
audience is interested in.

You can write those questions down and have them in front of you and then
just hit record.

Afterward you do your editing and upload itto YouTube and send it to your
list or put it on your blog and make it come across really interesting.
The other thing about interviews is they are more interesting than you
just speaking directly to the camera. Having a bit of variation is a
good idea.

This technique is something I’ve done a few times now. It’s really easy
and as you can see, it gives you a pretty good result and it makes you
come across a lot more like an expert as well.

That’s it from me and I’ll see you inside the next post.

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Mastering Free Traffic Generators

Mastering a free traffic generator is generally tough at the outset, however there’s tons
of ways to bring in no cost traffic. Once you learn these the newer task is the time
it will take to incorporate them all.

Generating web traffic is vital!. In the world-wide-web business websites are precisely like warehouses where people market their merchandise. You will need to promote your website by generating plenty of traffic.

I am going to cover a few of the ways to get more traffic to your site.
You’re looking for your website visitors to be precise.

Never ever stop mastering new methods to generate website traffic you need to market your web site by a number of techniques to remain well rounded.


Traffic Tip #1- Publish a Blog Post
Traffic Tip #2 – Join & Participate in some Busy Forums
Traffic Tip #3 – Setup a Squidoo Account and Create your First Lens
Traffic Tip #4 – Setup an Onlywire Account
Traffic Tip #5 – Get a Backlink from a High PR Website

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